From Lukov with Love Mariana Zapata.Review.

април 27, 2020

Hello friends!
I recently finished the book From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata, which we'll talk about in today's post.

 Fire on the ice

Author: Mariana Zapata
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Ibis
Pages: 428
Release year: 2019
* Format: Electronic

The Story:
The story of this beautiful novel takes us to the ice rink, where we will follow the relationships of our main characters Jasmine and Ivan Lukov.
Jasmine is a 26-year-old girl who has spent her entire conscious life on the ice rink, where she makes an incredible effort to fulfill her biggest dream, namely to win the world title. proposal to partner with her biggest enemy, Ivan Lukov, for one year. Realizing that she takes the risk of accepting the proposal, driven by her ambition, Jasmine is ready to make a last ditch effort to prove to everyone that all the work she has done is not was in vain Fr.
And if she wasn't so desperate and ambitious, she might have refused and retired.
But this is not inherent to Jasmine, so she accepts the realization that this will be the biggest challenge in life and also the only chance to fulfill her greatest dream.
Will this partnership work out and will Jasmine and Ivan Lukov be able to overcome their differences in the name of success and sports, will you understand if you read the book?

 My Opinion:
I am in love with this book. I am also in love with the writing style of Mariana Zapata, who is exactly what I expect for a good love novel.

The author cleverly transports you to this beautiful world of figure skating, showing all its sides, showing all its sides that you never thought existed.
The relationships of the characters, on the other hand, are my favorite part of the book.
Upgrading the images is so easy that you forget how nasty Ivan and Jasmine was at first, and you start to "love" him as he changes and makes any small gestures for his partner.
The dedication, support and hard work that the two heroes do to make their dreams come true is impressive. Their actions make you ask yourself: What sacrifices are you willing to make to reach your goals?
At first glance, this is a banal romantic story, but under the surface there is much more to hiding than you might have imagined.
It shows you what a person is capable of in order to achieve his or her dreams and to do so he needs not only hard work and a dose of luck, but the support of his family and friends.From the support of his partner.From the belief that he deserves the best of love for what he does.
This is what this book teaches us.
That is why I love to read books that, as fun and romantic as they are, are so instructive that you can steal a small part of the experience for yourself.
Fire on ice is different, deep and emotional.
Is it worth reading?
Yes. Yes again.
Each moment spent with this book guarantees a good mood and unforgettable moments.
Thanks for reading me!
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